Transforming the IT Operating Model

Historically, consultants, auditors and their clients have focused on assessing IT maturity against a variety of frameworks. This is typically a sliding scale assessment from 1 to 5 or a checklist box ticking exercise.

How well has that served us? Not well at all.


Whilst maturity has improved, it is still lower than desired. But more importantly, we are still no closer to knowing whether our capabilities are fit for purpose. These questions and many more like them, are how the business will judge the IT function.

  • Are we delivering business value?

  • Can we deliver on our strategy?

  • Are we future proofed?

IT Capabilities to Drive Digital Outcomes

The ValueFlow Approach

Through a series of workshops and interviews, ValueFlow can help you determine the levels of maturity in all aspects of the IT supply chain. We address:

  • People, skills and culture

  • Tools, automation, integration, data model

  • Process, efficiency, flow and throughput

  • Governance, risk, control and compliance

  • Economic impact

Conventional wisdom used to be that consultants would lead their clients on large transformational journeys where some consultant with a messiah complex would promise the earth and deliver…not a lot.

ValueFlow has come to the view that transformation is a sequence of well planned capability uplift initiatives that cover a target IT operating model over time.  We recognise that our clients have “day jobs” and need to build capability while the aircraft is in flight.

Noting that we co-create themes, horizons, and work streams that deliver measurable value along the way.  The Three Horizons model (thank you McKinsey) is a useful way of communicating the themes.

Within each of the Horizons, will be a number of Releases prioritised on a Capability Roadmap. The Releases are constructed based on the capability gaps and priorities discovered in the Capability Review.

Each capability will consist of processes, tools, roles, skills, controls and measures sufficient to deliver the required business outcome.  With a target Operating Model as a guide, we can ensure that the overall capability mature in concert and delivers an optimised IT supply chain.

IT Operating Model