Engaging with Us

Getting your ServiceNow Platform to an optimal and measurable state to meet the needs of your organisation requires more than just feature enhancement and support work. Our Managed Platform Service (MPS) provides turn-key process, advisory, training and technical support for your ServiceNow capability, to help you optimise the value of, and deliver on the promise of the ServiceNow Platform, while ensuring the platform remains healthy and up to date.


Managed Platform Service gives you access to all of ValueFlow’s expertise to ensure the right people are aligned to enable your success. The Engagement Manager role is a single point of contact and is critical for coordinating access to the right skills, at the right time, and to help manage key factors for customer success.

Without having a prioritised plan that aligns with corporate objectives, focus is not achieved and progress can be limited. When everyone is aligned from the C-level down it's easier to gain momentum and budget. It is essential to have senior sponsorship to ensure the business drivers are being met and the ServiceNow Platform delivers tangible value.

Included within MPS is a roadmap entitlement where the best SMEs work with you ensure capability being delivered feeds into initiatives to support the business strategy and corporate objectives along with agreed prioritisation and sequencing supported by the business.

Ongoing Partnership

Advisory Led Systems Integrator

We approach ServiceNow delivery from an advisory first perspective. So what does that mean?


  • Business Solutions: Manage your organisational transformation journey across the value chain. Understand your IT landscape through the application of the IT Operating Model.

  • IT Solutions: Deep process experience and ServiceNow domain experience (e.g. ITSM, ITOM, ITBM). Our advisory consultants are certified ServiceNow implementation specialists and trainers. 

Leveraging such expertise we help organisations understand the "why" behind their business and associated IT solutions. By understanding the purpose, we are much better positioned to help address the "how" (shoutout to Simon Sinek). Identifying not only what areas of ServiceNow are most appropriate, but when. Ensuring your ServiceNow journey is scalable, realising incremental benefit in-line with organisational change capacity.

Agile Delivery & Project Governance

Taking a hybrid approach, we engage project management and governance to ensure milestones are managed and achieved within the ServiceNow SAIF implementation framework. During build and test, we deliver Agile, using sprints to allow for fast feedback and re-prioritisation where necessary. This ensures value is realised in each sprint, and deliver is flexible to changing business needs.

Our technical consultants are certified across the ServiceNow platform and work closely with advisory to maintain a well balanced model of "process vs. tech". In other words, the solutions adhere to ServiceNow technical best practices and leverage OOB configuration in favour of customisation.