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Most of us have cut our teeth on ITIL based Incident-Problem-Change-Config, or IPCC as many refer to it. We have a clear mental model of how current ITSM tools and processes should work. We haven't stopped there, with process and technical expertise across the entire platform, we approach ServiceNow solutions from an advisory led perspective. At the executive level, we address your organisational transformation needs through the IT Operating Model, DevOps and IT4IT™ constructs. ValueFlow's DNA is to challenge the status quo and ensure fitness for purpose of your build and implementation.

ServiceNow is a perfect pairing to our approach, both technically and culturally. We are proud to be an Elite  ServiceNow services and training partner. With a platform that has an enormous breadth and depth to meet your IT management and support needs. ServiceNow continues to invest in key areas of the IT Operating Model, including emerging cloud solutions, DevOps and Agile.  


No matter what area of the ServiceNow Platform, we will facilitate the process and technology so you realise the optimal supply chain and capabilities of your business.

Process and Technical Expertise

Working with ValueFlow

ValueFlow is aspirational. We approach ServiceNow solutions with a passion for innovation, partnership and agile delivery. We use ServiceNow SAIF and technical best practices to ensure the security, performance, scalability and upgradeability of the platform is maintained. We leverage concepts from the Lean Startup to ensure that up-front investment is controlled, and diligently manage risk throughout the delivery process. And of course, we focus on organisational change management techniques to ensure end consumers of the ServiceNow platform are delighted by the experience of coming on board.


Working with us is a lot of fun. It is a creative process and well managed within agreed commercial boundaries to a standardised and well governed process. We never forget the business outcome you are seeking and will work diligently and transparently to make it happen.


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