Enterprise DevOps

 Enterprise DevOps

Industry analysts are predicting a wave of DevOps adoption in the enterprise over the next few years.
ValueFlow is already applying DevOps to transform Australian Enterprises.

Why? Because DevOps, unlike many other framework initiatives, is linked to measurable business improvement.
DevOps initiatives are delivering amazing productivity, agility and service reliability improvements to both
traditional and IT-driven organisations around the world. Anticipating this we have created a leading DevOps practice.

ValueFlow consultants are steeped in DevOps principles and are involved in establishing DevOps capability for our clients.
We can help your organisation understand, experience, and take the practical first steps on its DevOps journey.


DevOps Foundation Certificationweb-large-devops-institute-registered-education-partner-horizontal-logo_white

This two day course introduces the DevOps concepts — stressing, communication, collaboration, integration and automation — in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. Improved workflows will result in an improved ability to design, develop, deploy and operate software and services faster.

• Two days of qualified instructor-led training and exercise facilitation

• DevOps: The Basics (pre-class resource) and Learner Manual (excellent post-classreference)

• Participation in unique exercises designed to apply DevOps concepts

A voucher for a Web-proctored exam is included in the course, which provides the common taxonomy for DevOps organisations the world over.

The Phoenix Project Simulationtpp_pb

Experiencing the “Aha Moment” — The Phoenix Project Simulation

This one day, high energy workshop puts your staff in the hot seat as they take part in a business simulation based on The Phoenix Project, the book that first introduced DevOps to the broader community. Your staff take on the roles of business departments such as retail operations, human resources or finance, or take on the VP of IT Operations or other members from his IT team that needs to develop the applications and solve the IT issues.  In this workshop, your team will have to work out how to get work to flow from development to operations and into production — whilst juggling changing demands from the business, critical incidents and outages, and communication challenges within their own domains.

The Phoenix Project is presented in partnership with the simulation developers GamingWorks BV

DevOps Mobilisation Workshopsdevops-handbook-3d-200x150

Based on the principles and practices in the newly released DevOps Handbook, ValueFlow has developed an approach to provide momentum and clarity for your DevOps initiative.

Part 1: Defining the transformation imperative

• State of play in the world of our traditional IT management and governance frameworks

• Disruptive forces and the need for change

• Key DevOps principles and practices

• DevOps toolchain considerations

• Where DevOps fits in the IT function and structural options

• Creating a culture where DevOps will thrive

Part 2: Actionable steps to begin your journey

• Your expectations of DevOps, agreeing on where you are now and the business goals

• Identifying the services and apps as candidates for DevOps

• Choosing the right team

• What toolchain investments are required to meet your objectives

• Alignment of our ServiceNow Roadmap and DevOps

• Supporting the DevOps initiative and scaling DevOps

Next steps Manual

• Participation in unique exercises designed to apply DevOps concepts

• Sample documents and templates

DevOps and ServiceNow   snow

As a ServiceNow partner, we are working on alignment of ServiceNow capabilities with your emergent DevOps needs.  Pleasingly, ServiceNow is held in high regards in the DevOps community.   We are working with clients on cloud orchestration, Agile implementations and alignment of ITSM capabilities with DevOps cadence.

What’s coming next?

We are monitoring the ServiceNow roadmap, in particular the recent ITapp acquisition by ServiceNow and the new Continuous Delivery and DevOps features set for release in 2017.