Executive Team Workshops

Update on Emerging Practices

The world of frameworks and best practices is a dynamic
and compleframeworksupdatex.  Each framework, by its nature is fairly self interested “implement me!”.   The reality is that no one framework solves the whole problem.  ValueFlow is constantly evaluating frameworks and how they may create value for our client’s IT Operating Model.

We regularly deliver executive briefings to help our clients make sense of new concepts/frameworks like Digital, IoT,
DevOps and Scaled Agile.
We help give the frameworks relevance, context and place them on
the roadmap where applicable.

Agreeing the “Where are we now?”

Having facilitated many leadership workshops, we know that executives can
often be focussed on their own functional area and not see the bigger system at play..

We use the IT Operating Model Canvas as a way of getting execs actively involved in understanding the “here and now” and their place in the model.
The goal is to get them to work toward a shared vision with the
Operating Model canvas as both a way of expressing the current reality but
also a way of gathering together aspirational ideas.

The output of the Operating Model canvas workshop is used to create a Capability Roadmap*


More formal Capability reviews may need to flow on from this workshop to quantify the current state maturity and performance as an input to future state design and funding.