Emergence of IT4IT:
A united view of the IT Supply Chain

(ValueFlow: Silver Member)

The emergence of IT4IT over the past few years has been a real shot in the arm for the IT Operating model concept.

The supply chain view of IT brings customer centricity to IT processes.  This framework connects the lifecycle of IT together into a single flow of value – something ValueFlow has focussed on since our inception.


The IT4IT Reference Architecture provides a much needed model to build an end to end data model and recognize the flow of artifacts across the lifecycle.  The architecture goes down three layers a provides a way of connecting your management tools to `promote velocity and efficiency.


For more detail on IT4IT:

IT4IT™ is a trademark of The Open Group

Building on IT4IT for your Digital IT Operating Model

ValueFlow has extended the IT4IT framework to meet the needs of a full IT Operating Model.  In particular, the concept of “supporting activities” has been been built out into Supporting Capabilites as per below.  This acknowledges the additional processes, tools, roles and controls required to underpin the value streams.


IT4IT Use Cases

ValueFlow has harnessed IT4IT in a number of our advisory services:

  • Capability Heat Map
  • Data model
  • Tools review
  • Queue and flow analysis of the Operating Model