Training Solutions

Relavant Training to Underpin Change

To deliver the outcomes you aspire to often require new skills and knowledge to underpin the new behaviours and practices.

It’s been our experience that a range of training solutions are required for specific outcomes.

If you need the team to come to a new understanding of concepts e.g. DevOps, the need to share the language.  Often this is complex, requiring certification training.

To drive new behaviours in your specific local context you will often need tailored vocational training.  This focusses on the specifics of your Operating Model, processes, tools, data models, controls and measures.

For your developers and system administration folks, there are a range of disciplines requiring generic baseline knowledge through to specialist domain skills.

ValueFlow covers the full gamut of training solutions and delivery options.


  • ITIL
  • DevOps
  • ServiceNow

Specialist & Tailored Solutions

  • ServiceNow usability and process training
  • The Phoenix Project (TPP) Simulation
  • DevOps Mobilisation Workshop
  • Executive IT Manager Briefings (Operating Model, IT4IT, DevOps etc)