IT Transformation

Engaging the business, internal IT and your sourcing partners is becoming increasingly complex. A number of dimensions (nine in our view!) are in play in a complex system that cannot be managed through the hierarchical structural view on its own. Each dimension needs to be understood in terms of how it supports the IT vision & strategy – how it interacts with other dimensions and how it best supports the Service Portfolio.

Our work with clients over the years has given us insights into the various dimensions and we have proven approaches and models that can facilities understanding and insight into generating an IT Operating Model that will serve as a blueprint for all of your improvement efforts.


Our consultants are able to heatmap your current IT Operating Model to discover gaps, constraints and bottlenecks. We also quickly capture an inventory of your Service Portfolio and discover the “Service Health” issues around cost, risk and performance. From here we collaborate with your team to develop a capability roadmap with a view to delivering changes that give clear short-term benefits. We also advise on short-term interventions that will resolve specific “Service Health” issues.


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