IT Capability Review

Ensuring a “Digital Ready” Operating Model 

Historically consultants, auditors and their clients have focussed on assessing IT maturity against a variety of frameworks.  There is typically some sliding scale assessment from 1 to 5 or some checklist box ticking exercise.

How well has that served us?  Not well at all.  Whilst maturity has improved, it is still lower than desired. But more importantly, we are still no closer to knowing whether our capabilities are fit for purpose.

We need to be able to answer questions like:

  • Are we delivering business value?
  • Can we deliver on our strategy?
  • Are we future proofed?

These questions and many more like them, are how the business will judge the IT function.

The ValueFlow Approach:

Through a series of workshops and interviews, ValueFlow can help you determine the levels of maturity in all aspects of the IT supply chain.  This is represented on a heat map as per below, with detail down to your desired level of granularity.


We address:

  • People, skills and culture
  • Tools, automation, integration, data model
  • Process, efficiency, flow & throughput
  • Governance, risk, control and compliance
  • Economic impact

We can also do a maturity scale and “digital readiness” assessment to help process owners and participants understand what needs to change in readiness for high-velocity and yet still critical application services: