Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Achieving your Business Performance Objectives

It would be very rare for an organisation to hit its targets in one aspirational leap.  Many who try “big bang” improvement projects are disappointed and somewhat disillusioned by the attempt.

We believe in having an aspirational target state but getting there one step at a time.  This requires investment in capability uplift AND continuous improvement.

We are big advocates of Lean and and many of the techniques from the Toyota Production System (most of which corresponds very nicely with traditional PDCA Deming theory).

Our favoured model is the Kata process below, supported by Kaizen (more of a cultural philosophy).  Mike Rother explores this in his Toyota Kata book.


A Kata is a behavioral routine which helps to deal with unpredictable obstacles, lying on the route to improvement (source: Mike Rother, ©, 2011)

In our work, we typically set the Operating Model target state as the Vision, we review the current state and then get cracking on removing obstacles to our clients’ success.  This will result in a portfolio of initiatives that we will typically run as a backlog in a Kanban (see David Andersen’s work for guidance David J. Anderson | LeanKanban University).