ServiceNow Solutions

The Full Expression of ServiceNow Capability

Most organisations using ServiceNow have made the choice
based on the IT Service Management capability alone. It is
indeed a worthy SaaS replacement for your legacy on-premise
systems but it can deliverour-services-servicenow-quote
so much more…

The native Customer Portal and Social functionality can be woven into an integrated multi-channel model.  Mobile functionality increases the reach out to
any end-user device and to any device carried by IT staff. That really is “digital“ IT support.

With a highly automated support model  in place, we then talk
about how to harness the full-lifecycle functionality of
Business Management, Project/Programme/Portfolio Management,
IT Operations Management and GRC.


The IT supply chain can be further automated to enable Continuous Delivery though DevOps, cloud infrastructure orchestration, testing and event management integration.

ValueFlow IT is a partner that can go the distance across the full range of possibility that ServiceNow presents.

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