Application Development

Creating Business Solutions

ServiceNow customer’s are quick to recognise the potential of the platform to solve any business services problem.  I fact, the further the platform is extended the more value it delivers.  There are fantastic customer experience and user productivity benefits to be gained.

To harness the value of ServiceNow’s PaaS capabilities requires a combination of creativity and discipline.   Noting the typical uncertainty around application design and solutions when we begin application development projects, we have developed an approach that draws on traditional Project Management coupled with modern scaled agile software development concepts.


Our approach is one of agile co-creation and diligent management of risk and commercial control.  We use concepts from Lean Startup to ensure that the up front investment is controlled.  We use ServiceNow best practices to ensure security, performance and upgradeability.  An of course, we use Organisational Change Management techniques to ensure that the end consumers of the software are delighted by the experience of coming on board with the new application.

We look forward to your creative ideas!