Enhanced Customer Care

Why Enhanced Customer Care?

We have listened to customers issues and needs:

“Since Phase 1 finished we haven’t maintained the velocity of change and innovation”

“We aren’t fully aware of what’s available on the ServiceNow Platform either licensed or to purchase”

“We need a partner to help build a journey plan for the business, not a technical “resource” for a project”

“We need a partner to help us avoid automating bad process”

“We would like assistance in keeping up with the latest releases and new features”

Our Goal: Deliver Exceptional customer service & Platform Management

Getting your ServiceNow platform to an optimal state to meet the needs of your organisation requires more than just feature enhancement and support work.

Our Enhanced Customer Care service provides turnkey process, advisory and technical support for your ServiceNow capability to help you optimise the value and deliver on the promise of the ServiceNow platform.

Gaining Executive Alignment

Without having a prioritised plan, focus is not achieved and progress can be limited.  Many senior folks miss the opportunity to leverage ServiceNow as the Services platform for their business.

However, if  everyone is aligned from the C-level down, it’s easier to gain momentum…and budget.
It is essential to have senior sponsorship to ensure the business drivers are being met and ServiceNow receive the right investment priority.

To achieve this, ValueFlow takes a full lifecycle view of managing and governing the ServiceNow platform.  We provide a range of services to support your objectives at different stages of the journey.









The customer success manager (CSM) role is a single point of contact and engagement and is critical for coordinating access to the right skills at the right time and to help manage key factors for customer success.  The table below shows the range of opportunities we bring to ensure you make the most of your investments to date and set yourself up well for further opportunities.


Enhanced Customer Care Brochure