ServiceNow Capability Partner

Leveraging the Awesome ServiceNow Functionality

The core reason ValueFlow became a ServiceNow partner was the breadth and depth of IT management functionality available “Out of the Box”.  ServiceNow continues to invest in key areas of the IT Operating Model, including emerging Cloud orchestration, DevOps and Agile.

Most of us have cut our teeth on ITIL based Incident-Problem-Change -Config or “IPCC” as many refer to it.  We have a clear mental model of what we want and how the current ITSM tools work.  Even in these circumstances, ValueFlow’s ITIL DNA will challenge the status quo and ensure “fitness for purpose” of your build and implementation.

Then there are so many other capability area where working with ValueFlow as a partner gives the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.  We bring a frameworks SME view to the equation.  We are continuously investing in our knowledge and frameworks so we can optimise the IT lifecycle and supply chain.  So, whether it’s ITOM, GRC, PPS or ITSM, we will facilitate the process so you converge on the optimal supply chain and capabilities for your business.

The model below depicts the core flow of our work with customers.  Our job is to facilitate the flow, produce the sprint deliverables and ensure that we co-deliver a a high quality solution into production.


We do this with a combination of:

  • Robust Project Management,
  • Insightful frameworks guidance
  • Agile thinking and solution design
  • Best practice development (based on ServiceNow standards)
  • Rigorous testing, and perhaps most importantly,
  • Facilitation of the cultural and behavioural change

Working with us is a lot of fun.  It is a creative process but well managed within agreed commercial boundaries and to a standardised, well governed process.

We never forget the business outcome you are seeking and will work diligently and transparently to make it happen.