• Luke Sorensen

Guided Tours: Enhance Your ServiceNow Adoption for FREE

In this weeks instalment of "Making the most of ServiceNow" we are focusing on ServiceNow guided tours. The end result of a guided tour is best illustrated by a screenshot - it provides a series of self-guided instructions (callouts) to assist users with the ServiceNow interface.

Example of ServiceNow Guided Tour Callout
Example of ServiceNow Guided Tour Callout

The Guided Tour Designer (GTD)

The Guided Tour Designer (GTD) is the FREE drag and drop solution to build tours, supporting both the standard UI (think lists and forms) and the Service Portal. In a few simple steps you can have a tour up and running in no time:

Step 1: Create a new tour

When creating a new guided tour be prepared to decide:

  • Whether it is a Standard UI or Service Portal tour

  • The Page where the tour is to commence

  • What Role(s) the user must have to access the tour

  • If the tour should launch automatically

Step 2: Set the opening and closing text of the tour

When opening a new tour you are prompted to enter text for the tour introduction and conclusion. These are displayed by default, but can be removed.

Example of Guided Tour Introduction
Example of Guided Tour Introduction

Step 3: Add callouts to guide the user

To create a step, simply drag and drop a callout from the panel on the right and place it on your selected element. The example below shows a live preview of a callout attached to the search bar.

The panel on the right allows you to select the placement of the callout (left, right, top or bottom) and the text (HTML is supported). Each callout has an action that is dependent on the element it is attached to. In other words, it's not just limited to next, next, next; users can be prompted to complete real actions.

For example:

  • Typing text and pressing enter within a search bar

  • Clicking a button

  • Clicking next in the callout

Example of Guided Tour Callout (Service Portal)
Example of Guided Tour Callout (Service Portal)

The following is an example of prompting the user in the Standard UI.

Example of Guided Tour Callout (Standard UI)
Example of Guided Tour Callout (Standard UI)

Step 4: Preview and publish the tour

Test your tour with a preview, triggered directly from the GTD. Once you're happy, it's as simple as pressing the Publish button. Tours can be edited to add, re-order and update callouts over time.

The human element of (resistance to) change

It's no secret, the ServiceNow Platform is powerful, it provides everything you need to support digital transformation. To the end user, this translates to online forms, lists, cases, automation, notifications, portals, virtual assistants, WIDGETS...you get the idea.

As a "tech" these are all familiar terms to me, but for the "non-tech" species of human these are vastly different from the world of paper, pen, email, spreadsheets and documents. For this reason, it's not uncommon to face some resistance to change during the adoption of a new technology or process. Change can trigger many emotions if not fully understood; fear, anger, surprise and even grief.

Preparation is key, build tours incrementally

To address resistance to change, many organisational change models stress the importance of preparing your users for change, to manage perceptions and expectations. Some great examples include Lewin's Planned Change Model and Kotter's 8 Steps Process for Leading Change.

To this end, try to build guided tours incrementally, incorporating them around change preparation activities. While an "on the spot" guided tour is a great reference to help users once a solution is delivered, using tours to support the planning process helps to:

  • Prepare users during early release previews

  • Gain feedback to build a more relevant solution

  • Refine the messaging so it is understandable to end users

We're here to help

We know a lot about guided tours because we use them in our ServiceNow projects and Managed Platform Service. We've experienced the benefits it provides, particularly in the reduction of documents and the real-time access it provides end users. Please reach out to us if you would like a deeper dive into how guided tours can support adoption of the ServiceNow Platform in your organisation. Also, make sure you check out my other blogs in the "Making the most of ServiceNow" series.

Try it for yourself

ServiceNow Knowledge doesn't just mean presentations, it also means labs. Right now you can take advantage of the K20 lab Train Users at Scale with Guided Tour Designer. ServiceNow will provide you with an instance to complete the labs, so it's nice and safe to learn.