• ValueFlow

Hack Unpack

By Steph Zylstra (Technical Consultant, QLD)

Another quarter, another Hack Day?

Yes, once a quarter, all the ValueFlow Goats gather in Sydney to connect and learn from colleagues, drink lots of coffee, and spend time focusing on who we are as an organisation.

As our Goats began arriving for September's Hack Day, the second I have attended, conversations began between interstate colleagues, and new Goats were introduced. Some sat on beanbags, others at round tables. Soon it was time for the presentations to begin.

During the morning session, we recalled the history of ValueFlow, welcomed new Goats, learnt some internal statistics and heard from the Technical Leadership Team regarding some of the challenges and achievements. We also heard from the State Leadership Team who recently attended an off-site in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. Together they shared their future vision and discussed last quarter's efforts to ensure ValueFlow effectively met the needs of our staff and clients.

A highlight of the day was hearing from Corporal Kelly Carter (Technical Consultant, ACT) about her fascinating work in the Australian Army Reserves. Kelly gave us a snapshot of some operations she's been involved in during her 12-year Reserves career. Kelly recently achieved the Student of Merit Award while becoming a Driver Testing Officer - all while delivering great outcomes for her clients.

After lunch, we heard client stories from across the country, and were reminded of how ever client's journey is different. The spirit of partnership was very evident in these stories - we want to work with our clients instead of for them. We also had ServiceNow representatives join us in the afternoon, evidence of the strong partnership we have with them.

After a quick drink with everyone, it was time to start heading back home. I'll be back next quarter for the Hack Day!