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Knowledge 19

Solutions Architect Jarrod Eising has dusted the glitter from his keyboard after his visit to the ServiceNow Knowledge 19 event in Las Vegas. Being endlessly curious Goats we asked Jarrod about the event.

Jarrod's Top 3 things about Knowledge 19:

1. I found it really rewarding heading to the Expo Floor to talk tech to the ServiceNow Product Owners/Managers and Partners. Everyone was so enthusiastic and generous with their time. There are so many passionate people, who love what they do and the future of work with ServiceNow.

2. ServiceNow is stepping up again…..And again! Just when you think others are catching up, we see massive improvements in mobility, virtual agents and ITOM Monitoring. I think there is more to come and ServiceNow will continue to surprise. The challenge will be how we can incorporate those changes for the environments we work in.

3. The event is big and it’s bold. It’s amazing ServiceNow can attract thousands of people from around the world to network and share their experiences.

Special Mention

4. I had a great time with my colleagues as we soaked up as much knowledge as possible. I feel like our team shared something pretty memorable. I know we are feeling energised and excited about our work.

By Jarrod Eising, Solutions Architect