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Launch of a standard for managing Digital!

Over the last few years Charlie Betz and a posse of leading thinkers have prepared the new Digital Practitioners’ Body of Knowledge (DPBoK). This leans on Charlie’s book Managing Digital: Concepts and Practices. The is a really big deal!

Rather than elaborate too much on it here, I encourage you to register with The Open Group and download the pdf!

I’ve had many conversation with Charlie about the DPBoK, and attended some of the working group sessions. As a result I was privileged to endorse the DPBoK along with some other leading thinkers.

One more thing, the standard was created as a collaboration on GitHub. Is that super cool or geeky? I think super cool 😎

Testimonials for the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge Standard

The DPBoK is the most comprehensive and insightful aggregation of the various frameworks, standards and philosophies at the disposal of technology leaders in the digital world. There is a lot of new thinking here as well, targeting the management challenges of emerging digital technologies. Given the credentials and intellect of the contributors, the quality of this work is not surprising. In my view, DPBoK has the potential to create a rising tide of practitioners who can connect the dots between high cadence digital product, traditional IT services and the worlds of corporate regulation and compliance. I must add that this is not for those wanting a lightweight “how to” book. This BoK, like most useful BoKs, should be wielded by highly capable and practical leaders who are not seduced by bright shiny things. This is timely, as we need to disrupt traditional IT thinking and reimagine technology management for the digital age. This will be hard work but the DPBoK is the “shoulders of giants” with the potential to propel our thinking and therefore business value as IT leaders forward to the level we need.

Dave Favelle, Founder & CEO, ValueFlow

DevOps and Agile are transforming the technology workforce. Of the 8 million developers and 8 million operations professionals employed globally, far too many are at risk of being left behind. Initiatives like the Digital Professional Body of Knowledge are critical to ensure that technology professionals have the skills needed in the marketplace.

Gene Kim, co-author of "The Phoenix Project", "DevOps Handbook" and “The Unicorn Project” (upcoming)

DevOps and digital transformation require a transformed workforce, educated on a cloud native foundation of infrastructure as code and continuous delivery. As the biggest single contributor to the open source Jenkins project, CloudBees is pleased to see an open and collaborative model applied to the critical domain of knowledge sharing. The DPBoK™ pioneers new ground in both its content and approach, helping people develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the fast-paced digital economy.

Sacha Labourey, CEO CloudBees

The complexity of today’s digital platforms and practices is mind boggling. The Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ (DPBoK) is an amazing resource for nearly everyone in the digital landscape needing to get a carefully curated, thoughtful and thorough overview of the countless processes, methodologies and stacks that are critical to thriving in the Age of Software. A unique and very effective approach of this book is to organize according the three dimensions of stack, lifecycle and scale, which I find highly effective in terms of tailoring the content to the reader’s individual context and organization. The book not only provides provides both a great primer, but also a go-to-reference to all those of us who are constantly struggling get up and stay up to speed in this ever shifting landscape.

Mik Kersten, Founder & CEO of Tasktop, Author of Project to Product

DPBoK™ is a long-awaited synthesis for growing digital product/service teams. For academics it makes the language of corporate IT more approachable to our hands-on students. For CIOs, it will help change cultures from big-iron IT maintenance to agile delivery.

Stephane Gagnon, Associate Professor of Business Technology Management (BTM) at Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO)

Students and practitioners need to understand the profound impact that rapid digital transformation is having on organizations and the world. Digital practitioner Body of Knowledge provides students exposure to the fast-paced world of IT Infrastructure they will be grappling with. This book uses multiple perspectives (Founder, Team Leader, VP, C-level executive) to explain not only how a business grows, but how they need to continually grow their skill set. Importantly the DPBOK also serves to provide a history of digital technology so that practitioners can use this cumulative learning for the further benefit of society.

Pat Paulson, Professor of Management Information Systems, Winona State University

The Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge™ is an amazing piece of work, providing something for everyone regardless of whether you are just starting out in IT, have been in IT for ten years or are a senior lT leader like myself. It is relevant to companies big and small. In a world where software is eating the world, it is relevant to both business and IT. As an adjunct professor at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, I can’t wait to reconfigure my 400 level Systems Analysis & Design course to leverage DPBoK as the primary text and bring my course into the modern age.

Michael Fulton, Associate Vice President, Technology Innovation, Nationwide; Adjunct Professor, The Ohio State University

By Dave Favelle, Founder and CEO of ValueFlow