• Luke Sorensen

ServiceNow Agent Workspace: Fantastic, Familiar and FREE!

Workspaces for everybody!

With the ServiceNow Orlando release it is clear Agent Workspaces are very much the future of the agent experience on the Now Platform.

Jam packed with familiar features, efficiency gains and new features, Agent Workspace should be on your ServiceNow 2020 To Do list.

But for many customers, the leap to Agent Workspace is seen as a "nice to have", a cosmetic uplift that will be done someday.

It's not just cosmetic, it's fully functional

Of course, first impressions of Agent Workspace is it looks very different to the "traditional" list and form layout that has been the staple look and feel for agents of ServiceNow for years. But it's so much more.

The immediate gain is efficiency, enhancing the staple features and reducing context switching by making everything accessible in one place.

Outside of the slick new look, you can expect the transition to workspaces to be fairly simple for your agents. It's already jam packed with the features your agents are already using with some welcome new features. In other words, it's immediately familiar and usable.

And once you're up and running, with minimal effort, you can quickly start to take advantage of additional features and incrementally enhance the efficiency of your agents. Some of the key features are listed below (and for more, see the Orlando Agent Workspace release notes).

  • Advanced Work Assignment: Automatically assign work items to your agents based on their capacity and availability (and optionally skills).

  • Agent Inbox: Centrally control the acceptance and transfer work items are assigned to you and your groups.

  • Agent Assist: Automatically search existing records and provide the agent with possible solutions related to the active work item.

  • Predictive Intelligence: Enhance agent assist capability to use machine learning to automatically enhance advanced work assignment and agent assist. Note this requires an additional paid licence.

  • Agent Home: Pictured below, a central dashboard showing what is important to help agents prioritise active work. This is of course configurable to suit your organisations needs.

Did we mention it's FREE

If you're on the Madrid version of ServiceNow or later, chances are Agent Workspace is already switched on. If not, it's a 5 minute step to turn the plugin on.

Then take the plunge...

  • Select the lucky agents that get workspaces first

  • Rollout the familiar features to reduce organisational change impacts

  • Gather feedback, rollout more teams and enhance capability over time

  • Don't look back

Of course, we're more than happy to help your organisation get the most out of Agent Workspace in a short timeframe, and help you plan for the road ahead. Please reach out, we'd happily arrange a deep-dive session.

Take a look for yourself

Still wanting more....don't just take my word for it, set aside 10 minutes and see it in action with the NowLearning Agent Workspace Getting Started (Orlando) video.