• Luke Sorensen

ServiceNow Automated Test Framework - Kickstart Your Platform Efficiency for FREE!

Continuing on from the introduction to Agent Workspace, this post shares a common theme:

Getting the most out of the ServiceNow Platform for FREE

Do these challenges look familiar?

Before we dive into the ATF, I'd like to share some common ServiceNow problem statements I encounter regularly. I suspect most of you can relate to at least a couple of these.

  • We need to get our Platform closer to OOB

  • We want to be able to take advantage of new ServiceNow features quickly

  • We want to manage our Platform more strategically

  • We want to operate more efficiently and free ourselves from reactive work

Here comes the ATF

This may surprise you, but ATF is actually a great solution to address all of these problems. The following diagram shows a high-level overview, some key benefits of the ATF are:

  • It frees up resources so you can focus on what's important to business growth

  • An increase in release quality so you can improve your service offerings

  • Improved platform stability so you can focus on continual improvement

  • It speeds up release and upgrade cycles so you can use new features quickly

Getting Started - Remember it's FREE

The ServiceNow Orlando release is packed with over 500 Quick Start automated tests, and once again they are all FREE. The official documentation has a comprehensive list of available quick start tests by application or feature. The infographic below shows how you can quantify where ATF can provide an impact right out of the gate.

With bi-annual Platform ServiceNow releases, you can expect new features in every release. As one of the most innovative companies in the world, keeping pace with the ServiceNow platform ensures you can operate at a world-class level.

Expect more with every major release of ServiceNow

We're here to help

As always, please reach out to us if you would like a deeper dive into how ATFs can kickstart your road to ServiceNow automation. I'd also recommend taking a look at ServiceNow's Automated Testing Fundamentals on Orlando course over at NowLearning.

Of course, we know a lot about the ATF because we use them in our ServiceNow projects and our Managed Platform Service. We've experienced the benefits and know how to get a team working end to end on this.

Some final thoughts

To help you figure out how ATF can help you I'll leave you with a few quick tips. ATF builds over time and the benefits tend to snowball quickly. So the earlier you get started the faster you'll see the benefits.

  • Focus on using the Quick Start tests to understand where you sit relative to OOB.

  • Remember, your data is unique, so some minor adjustments will be required.

  • Once you've established an OOB Baseline, keep going, target what's important to your business.