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The Unicorn Project

By Dave Favelle, CEO

I was privileged to be a reviewer for Gene Kim's new book, The Unicorn Project. I have to admit to being a little cautious when I received the book for review, given my fondness for The Phoenix Project!

The Unicorn Project

This book is a great follow on. It is much more than a sequel. It digs a lot deeper into the challenges of transformation, particularly around creating a DevOps or continuous delivery capability in a typical enterprise context i.e. under threat of disruption whilst dealing with deep legacy issues.

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy, or maybe copies, for your team. Gene has lots of audio and text excerpts on the website so you can get a real feel for it if you need that before you commit ;-].

Of course, I'm happy to discuss TPP or TUP in the context of your business. This is fun stuff - more rewarding than debating the ITIL definitions ;-] Enjoy!