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Why do Businesses need to Automate?

Not too long ago, borrowing a library book was one of the world’s most manual and tedious processes. I’m not kidding. I’d start by noting the name of the topic or book on a Post It; hand it to a librarian; the librarian would visit a filing cabinet to check the catalogue, noting the aisle and index number of the books on another Post It; then we’d walk the corridors to the right section; find the tomes; walk back to the central desk and have the book’s ledger stamped. A routinely normal ten to fifteen minute process every time.

Nowadays this experience has completely changed, and we’re on-demand consumers. This has been a great example of the benefits of automation in every way, one which we should replicate in our professional lives.

Why embrace Automation?

Because you want more security, more standardization, more up time.

Because processes are what Processors do.

Because somehow I believe people want to be doing what they are good at. The Future of Work is Human, But Better.

Because once you’ve automated everyday workflows, you can measure more precisely. You can optimize faster. Freeing up your staff to innovate and create ahead of the curve.

ServiceNow helps you do this better than any other workflow automation platform. And it’s so much more. It’s got the presentation layer creating better experiences for your IT teams, your Employees, and your Customers. It’s got the data layer carrying information across the value chain, allowing automation to be triggered when and where you need it. It’s got the security and management layers to keep the guardrails up, so you can target your automation and ensure compliance is built into every step. And now it’s got the Intelligence layer allowing machine learning to automate your daily work tasks.

ValueFlow has the right experience and capabilities to help you take advantage of the powerful automation features on the ServiceNow platform. From Agent Intelligence to Service Mapping, from Flow Designer to Integration Hub, ValueFlow can help you accelerate your automation journey and release the true potential of your organization.

By Roneel Datt, Commercial Lead, ValueFlow