Transforming Service Operations

Reliable and meaningful customer interactions are more important today than ever before. With technology driving those exchanges and providing an end-to-end service:

  • What happens when the technology doesn't work as it should?

  • What is the best way to maximise your IT Support Management and Operations Management capabilities?

Many organsations have turned to ValueFlow to solve the twin challenges of implementing their digital transformation strategy, while maintaining quality customer engagement and outcomes. In our experience, any ITOM investment acts as a multiplier to ITSM value and improvement in the customer experience.

Working with Coffee

The ValueFlow 5 Step Service Transformation Framework


Prioritise business services based on organisational risk, strategy and value.


Leverage ValueFlow Blueprints to design a Service Transition Framework unique to your organisational needs.


Apply the Service Transition Framework to quickly build service based IT support and operations capabilities.


Refine your Service Transition Framework to scale with greater service coverage and automation capabilities.


Transform and optimise service operations to provide continuous 
improvement, insight
and uptime.

Benefits of the ValueFlow approach include:

  • It is tailored to your specific organisational needs and priorities

  • It will jumpstart your ability to harness the power of the ServiceNow Platform

  • Provides a flexible, scalable and repeatable Service Transition Framework

  • Prioritising by service provides faster time to value and informs the scaling up process with real data

The Framework is a simple and effective tool to drive improvement strategies and realise value from the ServiceNow Platform. This Framework has been developed leveraging ValueFlow's many years of operational and development experience with the ServiceNow Platform. We know your operating landscape, risks and challenges. For more information, download the Transforming Service Operations brochure or contact us. 

Watch and learn how a Chaos Monkey is no match for the automated power of ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM.

What our clients say:

"From the outset the team were able to understand how our intricate and process driven workflows worked, in order to build the correct platform for us. They were even able to provide us with ideas on how we could change some processes to improve workflows. Their knowledge and capability to learn our business was what shone through."

Kathleen Watson, General Manager. Hospital Products Australia