Who Are ValueFlow?

We are a locally owned and operated advisory and technical consulting ServiceNow partner.  We’ve been built on a foundation of service management.  IT Operating Model and ServiceNow are our core business.  We have ITSM in our DNA, coupled with a culture that brings out the best in inspirational people; both ours and yours.  And, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well our IT management skills translate into Enterprise Service Management.

At ValueFlow we have a full suite of offerings to drive value out of your ServiceNow investment.  We specialise in IT Transformation, ServiceNow roadmaps, implementation, Apps and Platforms support and IT Training.

We believe it is our job to be at the forefront of emerging thinking, we are thought leaders in DevOps, IT4IT and IT Operating Model.  We help you cut through the clutter so you can make informed decisions about building a modern, adaptable and cost effective capabilities for your organisation.

Listen to our CEO Dave Favelle talk about ValueFlow, our core values, why our partners love working with us and why our team mates love working for us!


Meet the ValueFlow Leadership Team

Our Values

At ValueFlow we take pride in living our Values everyday. Like us our Values don’t remain stagnant and always evolving but it all started on one post it note…


The latest evolution of our values:

  1. We are a team of goats! (Google DevOps & Goats ;-])
  2. It’s all about the customer outcomes…
  3. Care for yourself and your work…
  4. We back each other up
  5. People choose us for our energy, vision & edge