Our Team

David Favelle – Founder, CEO & Advisory Practice Director






As a thought leader in so many emerging frameworks, Dave has the unique ability to take the best parts of each and tailor them to fit the organisation he is working with.  Dave leads by example, he is passionate about Service Management and ServiceNow as the platform deliver what so many consultants just put down on paper.  Dave truly embraces and lives our Values and leads by example.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having founded the highly successful Lucid IT, which was sold to UXC in 2008, at which time he moved into the role of Director of Emerging Technologies.  Prior to Lucid IT Dave was the MD of Pink Elephant and was a member of the Global ITIL Change Advisory Board.  Dave brings the same creativity he has in making music to the transformation of your service organisation

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Paul Thomason – Director, Executive Advisor






Paul joined ValueFlow having spent over four years working for ServiceNow establishing their Australian presence.   Paul is focused on understanding the customers problem statement and establishing the foundation of a ServiceNow solution that will deliver ongoing value.  Paul is passionate about helping business solve their problems by delivering solid and sustainable solutions.  Paul thrives on working in partnership with customers and his key  focus is on assisting customers continue to achieve their strategic goals.

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Dan Suto – NSW Lead, Executive Advisor & Delivery Leader






Dan joined ValueFlow with a wealth of experience having worked as national and state lead at number of major Managed Service Providers including UXC and DataCom.  Working in the MSP space has given Dan a keen sense of the underlying customer needs. Dan remains focused on the outcome, brings a balance and patience to problem solving which enables teams to “work the problem” in a focused manner.  He is a passionate leader and is constantly working to improve our internal workings, living the one of our core beliefs, that the way forward is through a path of continual improvement.  Dan is the embodiment of “Care for your Work”

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Roger Purdie – Queensland State Lead


Roger comes to ValueFlow with a wealth of experience having over 30 years of experience working with organisations to achieve their strategic goals.  Roger is at his best when working with customers to solve difficult business challenges, and works to achieve the best possible outcome.  Roger is a devoted and engaged manager and brings out the best in the team that works with him.

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Andrew came to ValueFlow having driven change through a number of tier 1 organisations including Australia Post, IBM, TabCorp and Echo Entertainment.  Andrew has a unique ability to be honest about the issues customers face and what is required to resolve these, while remaining balanced and focused on the outcome.  Andrew is an expert facilitator who enjoys nutting out the best solution for his customers.
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Michelle Perkins – People and Culture Lead, Principal Consultant







Michelle is passionate about working with people to bring out the best in them and in turn ValueFlow. She is focused on ensuring that ValueFlow continues to nurture and improve the culture that attracts the best people from round the world to work for us.

Equally; Michelle is passionate about working with customers to get to the root cause of the ‘problem’ they are trying to solve, working together to implement a sustainable solution. Michelle loves the variety of work, organisations and people that consulting enables her to experience.

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